Cozy Fall Activities to Enjoy This Season

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle 

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Fall is arguably the best season of the year, and in Canada we get about 1 or 2 weeks in October that truly deliver that Gilmore Girls Fall aesthetic we crave. It is a time to shed our leaves and let go to make space for the new phases ahead, enjoy warm seasonal vegetables and spices, layer our skincare routines with rich barrier protective serums, balms and moisturizers, and of course watch all the spooky season flicks.


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As much as fall gets labeled as “peeling season”, it is also the season to protect your moisture barrier without constantly compromising and peeling away at your valuable lipid barrier. This is the time for oil cleansing and gentle cleanser textures like creams and balms, use brightening serums with ingredients like vitamin C and liquorice root, look for peptides and antioxidants to plump and protect your glow.

Rose-hips is an amazing ingredient and natural retinol alternative that also has a high content of vitamin C. It will help brighten, smooth, soften, clear and hydrate your skin topically and also makes an amazing healing tea to boost your immune system and support your skin.

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Pumpkin contains vitamin A, C, E and has several immune and anti-aging benefits. Enjoy it in DIY pumpkin spice drinks, pies, risotto, pastas, soups, freshly baked goods and more.

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Movie Night:

All of the Scream movies are on Amazon prime night now and will fulfill all your 90’s vibe slasher flick nostalgia. It's a top choice to marathon with your friends for a spooky night in and has just the right amount of thrill without it being too horrifying and scary for most.

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Mental Health:

It ain’t easy living in a place that is grey and dull for nearly 75% of the year. Seasonal depression is real and when it gets colder outside, it isn’t hard to rationalize reasons to disappear into your pillow when the big bad sad creeps in with the cold crisp air. Canadian Thanksgiving also happened this month, which can send our adrenals into overdrive preparing for family, seeing family (or not). Emotions have their way of overflowing during the holidays. Here are some soothing tips for keeping you centred:

1- Lemon balm tea is the cup of stress relief you need. Lemon balm calms nerve receptors in the digestive tract so that the nerves become less sensitized and inflammation reduces. Keep a box of lemon balm tea close by to soothe an anxious tummy or calm an anxious mind.

2-Go for a walk and be in nature, connect to the waves and phases of the earth’s natural cycles to help realign your own. It is okay to start fresh.

3- Check in on your friends. This time of year gets so busy and overwhelming, but take the time to check in with your friends and family. It will help you slow down and be present in the moment but also might help someone else to know you’re there to hold space for them.

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Journal prompt:

Cozy up under a blanket with the windows creeped just open so much that you can feel the air, put on your fireplace or listen to the crackles of the fireplace channel on tv, pull out the fluffy socks and fleece housecoat from winter storage and take some time to settle into this writing prompt with your favourite pen and warm beverage by your side (mine would be a hot apple cider).

My most perfect fall day was... (could be one that really happened or make one up).