Different Types of Tweezers

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Tweezers have become a popular staple in the beauty community especially since #instabrows era. They come in many different colors and materials like stainless steel (our fave!). Having a solid pair of tweezers can last a lifetime when taken care of properly. It is always good to have one at home and another in your purse because you never know when you may need them. Check out the different types of tweezers around:


Slanted is considered the classic type and is most sold in stores. It’s best known for precision and tweezes the hairs that you can actually see. Also, the shape fits well against your brow bone for easy brow grooming.


Pointed is best for fine hairs and especially ingrown hairs. It can also be used to remove splinters and other precision work. Just be careful when using this type of tweezer since it can easily pierce the skin.


Pointed Slant is a combination of both the slanted and pointed styles which allow for more control and grip from normal to fine hair.


Straight removes a lot of hair all at once on the face and body. This is not recommended for eyebrows since they are too short. Because there is no sharp edge, this can also be used to place individual lashes.


Rounded can be used to remove a large amount of hair but keep in mind that you won’t have precision.


Square tweezers work best for short or stumpy hairs but are more used for handling smaller objects.


Arched-Claws are used mostly by waxers because it gives leverage and plucks hair in hard to reach areas.


Curved is used mostly during eyelash extensions for its delicate touch. Alternatively, it can be used during small art applications.


Clamps are perfect for applying strip lashes since its shape is for the curves of your eyes.

Wide Grip is best for people with mobility issues since the pinchers are wider while still achieving the same precision as a regular sized tweezer.

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