Finding the perfect brow shape to compliment your face shape

Brows are not one-size fits all—it’s important to tailor your brows to compliment your face shape. Brows can be styled with a variety of shapes, angles, and lengths that enhance unique features. Whether you have an oval, heart, or square face shape, this is the ultimate guide for determining which brow shape is best suited for you!

Oval Face Shape

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Oval face shapes are characterized with a wider forehead than chin, prominent cheekbones, and a narrow chin. Since oval faces are long and balanced, brows that are less arched are ideal. Many makeup artists will favour a more elongated brow that is pulled towards the ears, creating less of an angled arch. An arch that is too high may make an oval face look asymmetrical. Also, thicker, full brows will also draw attention away from the forehead and to the eyes. 

Heart Face Shape

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Heart-shaped faces are very similar to oval shapes, with the widest point being the forehead, although the chin is more pointed. To balance the pointed chin, a curved brow shape is ideal which compliments the naturally rounded part of the upper face. The brows should curve upwards and then downwards to command attention away from the forehead while adding a soft touch to the face. It’s important that the brow lines are not super strong, since you want to achieve a delicate, natural look.

Square Face Shape

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Square face shapes are characterized by a consistent width amongst the forehead, jawline, and cheekbones. Thicker brows with a round arch are ideal for the square shape because it draws attention away from the jawline and to the upper part of the face to create more definition. 

Round Face Shape

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The facial width and length are roughly the same size in round face shapes. So the brow goal for those with round faces is to lengthen the face with arched brows. A structured brow will add definition to the face and the arched angle will elongate its appearance. Narrow, short brows are ideal to achieve this illusion. It is also recommended to avoid brows that are flat or rounded.

Diamond Face Shape

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The diamond face shape is not as common and is characterized by highly angular features. The forehead is the smallest part of the face, while the temples are the widest. A curved brow will complement this face shape best because it will help soften the angles and provide a more balanced, symmetrical look. Thinner brows are ideal since the cheekbone area demands a lot of attention and the brow goal is to balance the pronounced features of the diamond face.

Pear Face Shape

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Pear face shapes, also known as triangle shapes, are defined by a jawline that forms the widest point in the face. Arched brows that are longer will be the most flattering for this face shape because they will draw attention upwards and provide a more balanced look. An overall upwards brow shape will add definition to the top part of the face and will compliment the cheekbones. 


All face shapes are beautiful and the key to styling brows is choosing a shape that enhances your natural features. Eyebrows add definition to the face and elicit attention, so it is important to choose the right shape that compliments your features to provide a gorgeous, natural, and balanced look. Ultimately, brows are truly a work of art and there is no one-size fits all.