How to Pop a Pimple Safely

When I think of age old skin care tips, one particular piece of advice sticks out in my mind...

You must never pop your pimples. We all know the reasons why popping pimples is an awful thing to do. It can irritate your skin! It can make the pimple bigger! Worst of all, it can end up infected!


I know all those things to be true, they never stopped me from popping a pimple because to be completely honest it just feels so good and if you do it the right way it can get rid of your blemishes in no time at all.

A safe and effective solution for popping pimples does exist! 

Whenever I get a whitehead or blackhead that must be popped I take out the only three things I need: my trusty light up vanity mirror, some rubbing alcohol, and my ArteStile Double Loop Comedone Extractor.


How do I use an extractor?

A Comedone Extractor, when used correctly, can extract your pimples much better and cleaner than two fingers ever will. Make sure you learn how to use it properly to get the most out of this amazing tool. If you are unsure after this article, there are many great videos on Youtube that can show you exactly how to use one. Always wash your face and use a disinfectant on the tool before and after you use it. Place the flatter loop over a blackhead and push down gently or rock the tool back and forth slowly to apply pressure on both sides and push the blackhead out. The other side is a lancet that is used to extract whiteheads. Place the loop over the whitehead and push down GENTLY until the plug is released. Always clean (with something antibacterial) your Comedone Extractor before and after each use. 

This tool has seriously changed my life, and if you’re a rebellious pimple popper like me, it will change yours too! It causes no skin damage compared to regular squeezing and if used correctly it can appear as if you hardly had a blemish at all. 

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