Press On Nails: The Perfect DIY Solution to Beauty in Lockdown

by Katey Kristabelle
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Press on nails are trending and they’re the perfect DIY solution to beauty in lockdown. Press on nails have come a long way from the flimsy drug store selections you’re probably thinking of. Whether you’re looking for long or short nails, nail techs all over the Greater Toronto Area have been adapting to restrictions and coming up with ways to help their clients maintain their claws.

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Your press on nail kit will typically come with your customized nails, a cuticle-pusher, a file, and nail glue. No more mix and matched nails in a box, these will be created just for YOU. To make sure your set is a perfect fit, you will follow a measurement guide to submit to your nail artist. Once you receive your nails, all you need to do is prep your natural nails and glue them on! After using the cuticle pusher I also like to use my Artestile Cuticle Nipper (linked here) to get the most professional look possible. Nail techs like Lissa from Elixir Nail Studio (found here) also provide cuticle oil in her press on kits which is ideal for preparation and after care for your nails.

Tip: Apply one finger at a time. Apply glue and apply the nail before moving on to the next finger. If you apply glue to the nail, you will miss spots on the natural nail and this can affect the longevity of your nail wear. If you apply glue to every nail and then try to apply the press ons after, the glue will dry and you will have to add more which will cause clumps and unevenness that will also affect how long your nails will last.

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How long do they last?

Lissa explains it depends on the prep work and quality of nails that you purchase, but with correct care they can last up to 2 weeks. She also recommends not wetting your nails for 2 hours after applying them to allow the glue to fully settle. The less glue you use, the less amount of time they will last, and generally more glue will equal longer lasting nails. Be sure not to over apply or get any glue on your skin! It may sound complicated but it really is so easy to control the flow of glue from the applicator. I personally love that by the time they have grown out, they will start to come off naturally or can be removed gently by soaking them in warm water and oil.

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Will they ruin my natural nails?

Compared to alternative false nails in the salon that require intense buffering and sanding down of the natural nail, and harsh removal with acetone or more sanding, press on nails have less risk of damage (just don’t try to rip them off your natural nails).

Tip: For short term press on nails, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish and let it dry before applying your nails. This will provide a protective barrier for the nail glue to adhere to and help them come off sooner.