Valentines Gift Ideas That Will Speak to that Special Someone's Love Language (Even If That Someone Is You)

by beauty expert, Katey Kristabelle

Knowing your partner's love language will help you express your heartfelt commitment and affection towards them, and learning about your own will help you understand what makes you feel safe and loved. Gifts and gestures from the heart just hit a little harder when you're speaking someone else's love language (or nurturing your own) and when they get specific towards their niche instead of being completely generic. Try these 5 ideas to treat yourself or the ones you love this Valentines' Day.

Words of Affirmation

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No negative put downs today. You or your partner are trying their best, so if someone is running late or makes a mistake, don't say mean things out of frustration today. Words are so powerful. Did you ever hear about those water and rice experiments? The samples that were spoken to nicely flourished and looked better, while the samples that were spoken to negatively got moldy and ugly. The same thing goes for our human spirit. Write a letter declaring all the amazing things you appreciate about your partner (or yourself), and be extra mindful to say nice things.

Acts Of Service

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This may sound cliche, but I'm going to say it. Breakfast in bed. A change in scenery or routine is fun and preparing a meal for someone is one of the best ways to love and nourish them, especially if they're usually the one cooking the meals. Even something so small like pouring their morning coffee, doing the grocery run, bringing them their favourite mid day smoothie. Do the things that will make you, or your boo, feel good and have an easier day.

Receiving Gifts

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Quality Time

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Turn your phone off and tune in. Be interactive and make dinner together, or follow a new recipe you've been meaning to try yourself. Do some yoga, meditate, browse the shelves at your local book store. Think about all the things that spark joy for you or your partner, and do them together! Be present in the moment even for the most routine activities, really being there without your head in the clouds or your iCloud will be the most memorable and meaningful times.

Physical Touch

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The aesthetician urge in me is obviously going to say FACIALS. Give yourself a midday facial. Sheet mask and work spreadsheets? YES, please. Set up the ultimate self care ambiance. The lighting, the aromas, the music, the skin gadgets. Go for the full "everything skincare routine". Make yourself feel good (interpret that one however you like) because no one knows how to fulfill your needs better than YOU do. If you are in a relationship, try giving each other a face or scalp massage. You'll be surprised how intimate and relaxing massaging these usually untouched areas will be.