What Are Soap Brows & How Can You Get Them at Home?

If you’ve spent some time looking at beauty guru instagram accounts or browsing through pictures of the past few runway seasons, you’ve probably noticed that the fluffy brow look has become super popular in the past few years. How do beauty gurus, Instagram models, and makeup artists achieve this slightly over the top yet fun look? The answer might be very surprising as you probably have the tools you need in your bathroom right now. No, no it’s not brow gel or a super expensive brow pencil.  The secret is actually simply hand soap and the term for those fluffy brows is actually Soap Brows.

Image via Pinterest

Now you’re probably wondering how hand soap can turn brows from blah to glam but they truly can and we’ll show you how. First thing’s first though, you have to make sure you have the right tools to get the look. Unfortunately, you can’t use just any hand soap. The best ones to use are glycerin soaps that are colour and fragrance free. White soaps will leave a white tint to your brows which is not what we’re going for. Clear soaps are best. Second, you’ll need a brow brush or spoolie to get the desired look down perfectly.

Image via Pinterest

Now onto how you actually use these simple tools to get the look. If you usually fill in your brows with a powder or pencil, fill them in as you regularly do (if you don’t need to, I’m so jealous). Once they’re filled in, wet your spoolie or brow brush a little bit by running it under water quickly. Next, run the spoolie over your soap gently a few times back and forth. It’s important that you don’t get your spoolie too wet or rub the soap too much as you don’t want your soap bar to lather or foam up. You also don’t want to apply an alarming amount of soap to your brows and leave it on there all day so less is more. To apply, begin with your inner brow and brush the hairs straight up. Keep brushing out your brows going with the natural direction of your brow hair. In the outer corner you can brush the hair out sideways instead of up to create a more natural look. You can play with the look by making your fluffy brows as dramatic or subtle as you’d like.

There you have it, all the steps you need to achieve the trendy fluffy looking Soap Brow!