Slant Tip Tweezers + Brow Scissors Set in Matte Black


The perfect combination to keep your brows in beautiful shape! This set includes the ArteStile Slant Tip Tweezers and ArteStile Brow Scissors. The Slant Tip Tweezers feature super precise tips that grab every hair. The Brow Scissors have straight blades so you can control exactly what you're trimming. ArteStile Brow Scissors have an ergonomic handle so you can easily and comfortably use these scissors with either hand. 

  • Made in Italy using ecologically friendly materials and high labour standards so you can shop with a good conscious. 

  • Hand filed tips ensure that you will be able to grab every hair. 

  • 100% Stainless Steel, can be used on every skin type without a reaction. 

  • Individually handcrafted ensuring that every tweezer and scissor is of the highest quality.

  • Easy to sanitize so you can ensure your tools remain hygienic for each use. 

ArteStile // Luxe handcrafted beauty tools made in Italy.

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