ArteStile is a Toronto Beauty Company that specialized in luxe, handcrafted beauty tools that are handmade in Italy. ArteStile was founded in 2009 on the premise of creating a beauty line that provides high quality products for both professional and at-home use.
Each ArteStile tool is handcrafted ensuring professional quality and long-lasting performance. ArteStile ensures the process in which our tools are created is one that is sustainable for the environment and safe for everyone involved. Our policy has always been to uphold the highest standards and this is why our products are crafted in Italy by small family businesses. When you purchase an ArteStile implement you can be sure we have remained true to this policy.
Inspired by the essence of Italy, where art and beauty play an essential role in everyday life, ArteStile provides the beauty industry with innovative and luxurious tools that are as functional as they are a work of art.
ArteStile, from Italy with love


Our Collections 

Classic Collection // Professional Fave - The Classic Collection is our best selling line of tools. It is a favourite among aesthetiticians, brow designers and make-up artists. The Classic Line was created with the professional in mind. The smooth, satiny finish makes each tools ideal for precision and sterilization. The Classic Collection features a brushed, stainless steel finish allowing implements to be autoclaved repetitively without the risk of corrosion or damage making it ideal for aestheticians and professionals who are constantly sanitizing their tools.
Picasso Collection // Colour Pop - The Picasso Collection is ideal for anyone adding a little colour to their beauty collection. It was created to add fun and personality to our professional line of tools. 
Soft Touch Collection // Beauty in Technicolour - The Soft Touch Collection was created to add a splash of colour and comfort to our professional line of tools. The tweezers, scissors and manicure kits in the collection are made of stainless steel and finished with a rubber coating that adds an easy grip and exception in-hand feel to our tools. 
Designer Collection // Glamorous Grooming - Our most luxurious line, the making of our Designer Collection includes a 23-step process that includes a shiny baked enamel finish for a sleek and glamorous in-hand feel.
Glitter Collection // Inspired by La Dolce Vita, glamour meets function in the ArteStile Glitter Collection. These limited edition Glitter Tweezers are beautifully crafted to add a special sparkle to your beauty routine.