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The Classic Line was created with the professional in mind. Its smooth satiny finish makes it an ideal tool for precision and sterilization. Each ArteStile tool is hand-crafted using precise manufacturing techniques for strength and durability. The Classic Line’s 100% stainless steel finish allows implements to be autoclaved repetitively without risk of corrosion or damage.


The Picasso Line is a favourite for professionals because of their precision and durability. The Picasso tools are similar to Classic tools but available in different colours and patterns. The Picasso Line was created to add fun and personality to the ArteStile professional line. The Picasso Line consists of tweezers, scissors, nail file & nail trim, and a dual mini tweezer set.


The Soft Touch Line was created to provide an easy grip for an exception in-hand feel. Featuring four colours per year, the line consists of tweezers, scissors, nail file & nail trim, eyelash curler, and an ergonomic "dragonfly" tweezers. Each Soft Touch tool has a latex free rubber application for comfort and an easy grip. The Soft Touch Line adds a splash of colour and comfort to the ArteStile professional beauty line.


The Designer Collection features a unique line of beauty tools with a patent baked enamel finish for a luxurious in-hand feel. As with all our products, The Collection begins with hand-filed professional quality tools to ensure optimum precision and durability. The Collection is a 23-step process and is finished with a shiny baked enamel topcoat that makes each implement stand out from the rest. This enamel topcoat gives ArteStile tools a unique feel unlike any other and a perfect grip for at home use. 


Inspired by La Dolce Vita, glamour meets function in the ArteStile Glitter Collection. This limited edition collection of tweezers steals the spotlight and delivers expert precision with every use! The tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned to effectively grab even the smallest of hairs. These limited edition Glitter Tweezers are beautifully crafted to add a special sparkle to your beauty routine!


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